Proudly Serving Patients for Over 40 Years

Citizen Pharmacy is one of the leading specialty Pharmacy stores in Jacksonville that offers a vast range of pharmaceutical products, including prescription and OTC medications. Our specialist pharmacy in Jacksonville, FL also carries a wide range of health products, such as viagra and Cialis.

Dedicated to Your Well Being- Our Customer is Our Priority

We have highly trained pharmacists who are always ready to work to the highest standards and advise only the best drug prices. As a reputed compounding pharmacy in Jacksonville, we strive to give every customer the personal touch they deserve. With thousands of customers and one of the largest product ranges in Jacksonville, we provide medicines and products customers can’t find elsewhere.

In Your Neighborhood

Our specialist pharmacy team in Florida prides itself not only in our knowledge of medications but also in our commitment to our customers. 

Our Process Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Citizen Pharmacy is working with the aim of offering products designed for overall wellbeing. We are also delivering specialty medicines for treating any specific medical conditions you may have. 

Our pharmacy experts are always happy to offer one-on-one consultations, so you always feel comfortable with your treatment plan.

At Citizen, You Matter.

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