Medication Sync & Management

We also provide Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) for all your prescriptions. This benefit is where our pharmacist analyzes your monthly medications and then syncs all of them to a single date. When you choose Med Sync for your prescriptions, you won’t need to call the pharmacy to check the status of your medication because our team will know what date you want your medications to be filled and delivered/picked up. Our pharmacy will contact you a week prior your pickup/delivery date to confirm and make any changes if needed.
Our Medication Sync service comes with a peace of mind that you will never miss a dose of any of your refills and completely cut down your number of trips to the pharmacy.
Medication Sync helps manage your medications from Day One. We eliminate the need to remember when to call to refill your medications or when they will be delivered. We tailor your monthly prescription schedule to your specific needs.
Medication management is one of the key components of Medication Sync. It allows you to customize your medical care so you’re getting the proper dose each and every time you take your medication. This makes your therapy more effective and it improves your quality of life.

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