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You Matter.

We never forget that you are the reason we are here and we take pride in serving you.

Delivering Medicine, Delivering Happiness.


Healthcare for others could be a business, for us it's also our faith.


Meet and exceed our patients’ expectations by providing a seamless way of delivering truly personalized pharmacy services.


Create relations with patients, providers and payers for generations while being responsible, accountable and professional.


Citizens Pharmacy – A Gateway to Better Health in Your Own Hand!

With Citizen’s Pharmacy, filling your prescriptions is very easy! We aim to be the one-stop pharmacy for you and your loved ones! Since we have access to all prescription drugs that a prescriber can prescribe, it will be easy to fill your prescriptions. Additionally, we also provide health products including personal care items at affordable prices. We offer seamless billing to your insurance so you have to pay only your copay.

“Switch to Citizen Pharmacy for the best experience that you deserve.”

Our Work

What You Can Do!

Say Goodbye to Other Pharmacies…..!
    • Tell your Dr. that Citizen Pharmacy is your preferred pharmacy.
    • Have Your Dr. send your prescriptions electronically to us via escript or fax.

What We Will Do!

    • Reach you via call or text to notify you about your new or refill prescription.
    • Prepare your prescriptions.
    • Depeding on your needs, we will wait for you to pick up or deliver it ourselves.


Welcome to Citizen Pharmacy

The Only Drugstore You’ll Ever Need!
Are you ready to switch to a new era of pharmacy? It’s very easy. Let’s get started!

Prepare Med List

Prepare the list of medications that you take routinely.

Set Date and Reminders

Set the date you should have all prescriptions by.

Prepare Prescription

Have all your prescriptions prepared according to Dr’s orders and billed and ready for pick up or delivery.

Ready to Pick Up or Deliver

Deliver your prescriptions to your doorstep if you cannot pick up.

Make Citizen Pharmacy Your Primary Pharmacy, You will Love it.


We're Not Just About Prescriptions;
We're About You!

I received my medications on time; trust me, it was one of the best delivery experiences I have ever had. The delivery was so smooth, with no extra calls or charges. I was constantly notified about my order status, and they kept me updated.

Vanessa Anniston

Citizen Pharmacy provided exceptional service; they were easy to communicate with, and it was smooth to track my schedule. The delivery was as easy as counting 1,2 3. Thank you for such a great service!

Kate Parker


You Have Questions, We Got Answers.

There are two ways you can send us your prescription. You can either tell your doctor that you’d like your medication sent to Citizen Pharmacy or call us and give us your current pharmacy details to transfer your prescription to us.
We handle your refills and we will remind you as well so you won’t have to worry about remembering the dates. We work with your physician and insurance provider to ensure you always have drug access.
Call, email or text us directly to get in touch with our friendly pharmacists.
Yes, we also dispense controlled substances. Just make sure that you have your ID on hand.
Get in Touch

Still, Have Questions on Your Mind?

Our Citizen Pharmacy team makes you feel at home, hears you out and never turns you down while answering the questions you care about.

Citizen Pharmacy, a community based pharmacy serving your home town since 2015. We take pride in serving any and all individuals needing service at our pharmacy. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of those we serve by delivering innovative pharmacy services that are safe, affordable, and easy to access, thus exceeding their expectations and benefiting their well-being. We uphold our promise of creating a sustainable future for healthcare and a path to an enhanced health and a better life for everyone.

We Accept, all forms of payment to pay for copays.