As you age slowly and gradually, the medicine intake also increases. We all start depending on medicines for survival, to lead a healthier life. But taking medicines the wrong way or mixing various drugs can have a dangerous outcome. Therefore, it becomes essential to take medicines the right way. If you don’t do so, you are more prone to the side effects of the drugs. But how to take medicines safely and in the right way? Let’s find out 7 ways to take medicines safely:

Always Read the Label

When you read the label, make sure you understand the medicine’s name, dosage, and frequency. If there are any special instructions, such as taking the medication with food or at a certain time of the day, then, be sure to follow them. Be sure to look for any warnings or precautions, such as avoiding alcohol while taking the medicines. Ask your doctor or pharmacist in Jacksonville for clarity if you have any questions or concerns.

Follow the Instructions Carefully

It is essential to take medicines as prescribed by your medical professional. Further, do not take more or less than the recommended doses; otherwise, you might face certain health issues. Some patients stop taking medications without completing the course as they feel absolutely fine without them. Avoid doing so and never stop taking medicines without consulting the doctor.

Don’t Share Medication

Whenever you share your medicines with someone, it can be harmful for both of you. Different people react differently to medicines, and what is safe for you might not be safe for someone else. Additionally, sharing medication can lead to drug resistance, making it difficult to treat infections and other health complications in the future.

Store Medicines the Right Way

How you store medicines may affect their efficacy. Storing medicines in the right place and temperature is very important. So, store medicines in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Lastly, keep these drugs out of reach of children as they might consume them accidentally.

Consult Before Starting a New Medicine

Some medicines react with each other and cause side effects which include rashes, breathing problems, indigestion, dizziness, and mood changes. That is why before taking a new medicine, consult your doctor once to ensure that it has no side effects. If you have experienced any allergies or problems before then, discuss that with your healthcare provider.

Avoid Crushing Drugs Without Asking

Crushing or chewing medicines can change the way the body absorbs them. For example, some drugs are designed to be absorbed slowly over time and crushing them can cause too much of the medicine to be absorbed at once. This can lead to some side effects and even an overdose. Additionally, some medications are coated to protect the stomach from irritation, and crushing the medicine can irritate the stomach lining. If you face a problem swallowing drugs, then talk to your doctor for some alternative forms of medication.

Dispose Of Medication Safely

It is essential to dispose of medicines properly by following the instructions on the label or by asking the healthcare provider. You can also check whether you have a medication take-back program. If you cannot find a way to take back the program, mix the drug with unpalatable coffee residue, and throw it away in the trash. Remember never to flush the medicines down the drain as it can contaminate the water supply.

Final Words

Hope you are now aware of the safety measures that need to be taken for safer medication. If you are running short of your prescription, visit Citizen Pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida, and get personalized pharmacy services. For further details, contact us today.