Compounding Pharmacy

A Compounding Pharmacy for Your Complex prescription medications solutions

There is an abundance of choices when it comes to Pharmacy and Prescriptions. But the complications arising from patient’s non-compliance have caused an increased interest in compounding solutions. With our state of the art facility of Compounding Pharmacy in Jacksonville, we provide customized medicine solutions that can adjust the strength, form, ratio, amount, texture, and flavor of the formulation according to the patient’s treatment protocol.
Citizen Pharmacy has it division for compounding prescription drugs in Jacksonville, fully equipped to provide our clients with custom preparations. Our compounding Pharmacist would work with your physician to discover adjustments of the dosage according to prescription. Our Compounding pharmacist can recommend dose adjustments to your physician based on height/weight of the patient, their absorption ability or their potential sensitivities/allergies.
Our Compounding Pharmacist can research and recommend the custom preparations and formulations to your physician that suits you or your loved one for given health conditions.